Keynote Speaker Highlight: Av. Turan HANÇERLİ
Keynote Speaker Highlight: Av. Turan HANÇERLİ

Avcılar, the city of wellbeing

Av. Turan HANÇERLİ, Mayor of Avcılar Municipality

Avcılar Municipality, with the awareness that the way a city is designed plays a determining role in the daily life activities of the individuals living in that city and their participation to the society, creates design solutions without excluding anyone, and takes every citizen’s access to equal opportunities as the basis for living in peace, prosperity and integrity.
In this context, our municipality carries out its activities with the principle of improving living conditions within the framework of equal rights by considering the needs of all individuals and groups of our city, by implementing environmental designs suitable for these needs.

As a municipality that pays regard to the definition of "everyone" in Avcılar with a population of 448 thousand, social-focused service projects have been implemented with the principle of strengthening the social integration of disadvantaged groups. The Neighbourhood Council, Women's Council, Children's Council, and Disabled Persons’ Councils, which are integral parts of these projects, are actively supported in order to ensure holistic participation in the city.
Besides, studies are carried out to identify, analyse and control all kinds of environmental pollution by developing environmentally friendly projects to reduce the negative effects of urbanization and climate change, and by doing exemplary waste management practices, sorting and recycling of wastes according to their types.
Projects are implemented to strengthen the social integration of disadvantaged groups and to popularize social-oriented service projects. In order to support women and empower them economically, support is provided to studies to contribute to the education of children in school and pre-school periods.

Avcılar is managed with the philosophy of “We Continue to Save Lives” to shape the future of the city. As a reflection of this, practices that develop sustainable inclusive designs and liveable infrastructure and superstructure in public open spaces are carried out with great care.

It is possible to design an equal and inclusive city for all.



He was born in Tokat in 1975. He received his undergraduate degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1999 and his master's degree in Business Law from Bilgi University in 2011. He is a trademark and patent attorney and works as a lawyer. He had an accident in 1993, became disabled 95%, and uses two arm prosthetics. He speaks English and intermediate German. He is married and has two daughters.

He had been the Vice President of Turkish Association of the Disabled for 13 years. He also assigned as a Member of Board of Management and Vice-President of The Orthopedic Disability Federation of Turkey, years between 2014-2017. Within the scope of the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, he carried out awareness/lobbying activities in the preparation of the "Shadow Report" for non-governmental organisations before the UN.

He gave more than 150 seminars and panel speeches on Disability Rights, Discrimination and Organisation, as well as, followed dozens of voluntary cases in the Council of State and local courts on behalf of the disabled and their associations. He played an active role in the enactment of the “article 6” of the law numbered 6770, which saved 85.000 disabled and elderly people from enforcement and lawsuits; advocated in the Parliament and Party Groups regarding many law changes; and prepared opinions, proposals and drafts regarding the prepared laws.

In 2012-2013, he was the Chairman of CHP Avcılar District Human Rights Commission. In 2014, he was elected as Avcılar Council Member and served as the President of the Law, Disabled People, and Environment Commissions. On June 24, 2018, he was nominated as CHP 3rd Region Istanbul Deputy Candidate. On 08 July 2018, he volunteered as a volunteer lawyer for the victims of Çorlu train accident.